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Accidents A Common Sight In Kathmandu

With my pleasure for walking to the outskirts of Kathmandu in order to get the fresh air that is vital for my lungs and to rejuvenate the body, I have to pass through the congested and dust, polluted roads of Kathmandu. In the bargain, I get the unpleasant sight of accidents which at times I […]

ielts listening module

The Listening Module

Irrespective of whether you do the Academic or General IELTS test, the listening module uses the same format and is the same for both. It is the first of the four modules where you are tested for on the main testing day.  It is said to be a test of a one hour period but […]

ielts preparing

Preparing for IELTS

Preparing for the IELTS test is not the same as either taking or improving upon your English language skills. In fact you should have some level of the language skills to prepare for the IELTS test. The main objective behind actually test you, is to judge you level of proficiency in your use of the […]

Just a little bit of fresh air

The way up to Shivapuri hill The world is become a polluted mess where breathing fresh air has become a constant struggle. The same can be said about living in the Kathmandu valley, which, besides having it dose of consumerism, is home to some of the worst forms of pollution on planet Earth has to […]


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Welcome to the personal web cum blog site of William Pitts where, you get information on the different activities which I am involved such as taking IELTS and English Language Classes plus writing content on various issues for web and blog sites along with my personal interest to inform and writing on a number of issues as from my view of the world and what is happening around me.

Check out the pages that might be of interest to you or simply read the post that I put out periodically, there is tons of information that would be of general interest to all.

There are such issues as politics that touch our life in someway either directly or indirectly both locally or internationally. Then there are the problems associated with the environment that has been created mostly by the activities of human doings. There are health problems that mostly stem from the blind sighted addiction to consumerism. Then there is the psychological that everyone of us that we encounter from greed, lust, passion and being captive to the modern era. In all  of this there are the charlatans who take us all for a ride. You name it and the list is endless that we as humans happen to be inflicted by. Thus I write on what I see, hear and feel.

When you write, and what you write, is not always compatible with the feelings and ego of some. Thus when you freely speak your mind, though however rational it may be, it doesn't go down well with some. As we all know that the truth is like a razor blade that cuts to the very heart and it hurts. But, at the same time, if the is not exposed them we do a much more damage by the harm that it causes to other from this ignorance. That is why the truth is fundamental to the wellbeing of proper human existence. It is here that freedom of speech become fundamental.

Want to get in touch with me, please do so by using the contact form on this site and I shall get back to you accordingly and the necessity demands it.

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Preparing for IELTS

ielts preparing

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