IELTS Classes

IELTS Classes are privately available for those that confine to that level of English necessary it, with me, suit to your comfort at my home. The rates and timings all depends on the availability of my time. The price that you would tentatively need would to reimburse for it is NRS.12,000 plus. The duration is again tentatively one hour daily plus, till you are ready to face the test of the IELTS Test.

These IELTS Classes, if I accept you as a student would be conducted not at any institute but at my places.


You would like to know what IELTS is all about. So after the introduction of me helping you in preparing for the classes, I will now give you a terse introduction what about it. For greater information and understanding refer to the IELTS under categories for blog posts on the different modules and tutorials which I post periodically on my site.

Basically, IELTS is the abbreviated form for “International English Language Testing System”, In which you are tested for you competence in four areas of a language known here as modules of listening, reading, writing and speaking. There are two forms of IELTS test conducted depending on your need for their scores such as Academics and General. 

Why Do You Need These Scores

You would probably need these scores to prove you level of English competence in some English speaking country where you are going to apply for further studies or for the purpose of permanent residency in them. 

Finally, if you are looking for more information into the various modules and more help into it, the once again please refer to IELTS in the categories, you find posts related to it in the due course of time or if you are looking for IELTS Classes conducted by me, then use the contact page on my personal site here.

Steven William Pitts