Content Writer

A content writer in this digital is a person who writes content for websites and blogs so as to help others from the trouble and sparing him the time and research it might take, for which he is reimbursed accordingly in proportion to his time and labour put in.

Why Written Content is King

Why does on require content for his site? This is a ridiculous question to be asked in the first  place, but nevertheless needs answering to bring out the reality of it. Written content in the first place informs your visitor about your site or in that case about your blog. Usually, you site is associated with some aspect of your business in some way. Yet, the graphics and others might not tell the whole story of what you have to offer and why you have put up your site in the first place. 

Content on Search Engines

By far the most important aspect of written content is getting your site optimized in the various search engines. Our sites need visitors for it to be of any use to us. This traffic fortunately comes our way if our site happens to do well when people asks for certain informations in search engines. This does not happen by magic. The search engines look for the information that is relevant from what is written on the pages of our sites which can be simply pages as a whole of posts that act like pages to the crawl of them. 

The search engines look for keywords in forms of phrase of relevances and then grade them against others of websites of similarity. The better you are but not over doing get in better prospects with them. A content writer, not only writes for the appeasement of search engines but also to make those who happen to visit site or blog post with information that can be useful. 

As I said this does not happen by magic, but by the quality of what is written by the person whom, if you have not done the job yours, you have entrusted with it. He needs to research on the tops of your site. He needs to write content that is both impressive the visitor and the search engines that come to crawl your site. 

What Role I Can Play For You

So in case you are looking for someone to ameliorate you of going through the trouble of getting written content for your site or blog irrespective of the genre, you could always get in contact with me via the CONTACT ME page on this site of mine. After knowing your wants, I will let you know how much I would charge.

Steven William Pitts