Just a little bit of fresh air

The way up to Shivapuri hill

The world is become a polluted mess where breathing fresh air has become a constant struggle. The same can be said about living in the Kathmandu valley, which besides having it dose of consumerism, it home to some of the worst forms of pollution on planet earth in all forms.

You name it day or night the forms that humanity might encounter in in this city and its there to make the sane loose their piece of mind. There is ariely pollution that are emitted both from the haphazard movement of vehicles and horrible conditions of the roads. 

Then again there is the noise from people going about there business mixed with those of haphazard construction that is simply cacophony to the ears. 

Fortunately for those of you who are lovers of peace and are aware of you health you can take a ride and then walk up the road in the forested area of Shivapuri hills. Thank God! It is there as the military protects this area from the land mafias, else it would have also been a concrete jungle that Kathmandu has been made into in the last fifteen years or so. 

You can either walk up or bicycle up and get your dose of fresh air just as I do. Luckly, for me, I live quite close to Buddhanilkanta – half an hours quick walk and then into the freedom of verdue and fresh air. 

It is high time that we stop polluting our beautiful valley that it once was and given vent to the peace and beauty that it was once known for.

Below are some pictures of the valley and peace of Shivapuri hills


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