Kathmandu Covered In Haze

Pollution A Death Trap In The Kathmandu Valley

Pollution has become a death trap in the Kathmandu valley. Over the year Kathmandu was mainly confine to within the perimeters of the ring road but has burgeoned in expansion after the turn of the century, with more and more settlements clustered with houses so much reaching the foothills of each corner and beyond. 

These foothills and above would have also become a battle ground for the land mafias if they hadn’t fallen under the jurisdiction of reserves and protected government property. 

With in the increase in populations has also come with many hazards such as pollution of all kinds along with activities detrimental to proper healthy living. The craze for ownership of property which as resulted what in awareness of what it does in affluences has also lead people to crave for more wealth and as a result to an increase of vehicles. 

Since the year 2000, the amount of various types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, larger vehicles, such as truck of various load capacity and public transportation has gone up astronomically. Though much has been done to make the roads wider, it has done nothing to show that the loads on them have decreased. In fact it shows that the situation is becoming worse than what it was in the past. 

To couple with the increase in the inhethered increase in traffic which spuries out toxic exhaust, there is the never ending activity of infrastructure development activity to placate in increase population of affluence by the government. 

This with the cacophony of noise couple with the dust kicked up from the roads and then mixed with the exhaust from the ceaseless movement of vehicles which on the part of the authorities have not done a dime to curtail, not only drives drives a sane person insane. Long exposure to his can of treatment is a guaranteed health hazard.

The pollution that one has to encountered is not only confined to the day, night is an added misery, with what is called as light pollution. You are blinded by the light of each other vehicle competing to be the brightest. So much so that it can make a person who has already gone sane a total lunatic and the uneven cobblestones can add to your miseries. 

The truth is the periodically, the hospitals and the medical profession given stern warnings of the truth in the increase in patients unknowingly victims of the pollution in Kathmandu Valley that has made it a death trap.

The air in Kathmandu had nowhere for it to escape to as the valley is like a bowl surrounded by hills on all sides. The pollution created stays in and requires for some magic to happen to blow it over the hills and give us a fresh breather.

The government which lies here knows the problem and is hardly doing anything to alleviate the problem that is because practically no one cares as long as they live in Kathmandu and have the affluence that makes them important people of the country.

It is high time that health conscious people begin migrating away from the valley as with the state of affairs, for things to become better, first there has to be corpses lying on the road from the pollution increasing on a daily scale.

People Waiting for Public Transportation at Hattiguada


Hattiguada is the locality along with the road which lies between Golphutar and Chappali. This road is the main road from The center of Kathmandu some ten kilometers away that connect to Narayanthan or Buddhannilkanta, the famed temple of Vishnu that lies in a pond of serpents. 

This locality has developed for the past twenty five years that I have known it with much private infrastructure cropping up and the roads which seems to have widens but always in a state of having potholes. See for yourself and these potholes at Hattiguada road are basically caused by the seepage of water pipes below that supply water to the Kathmandu Valley from Bishnumati river at the foothills of Shivapuri.

Pictures of Hattiguada Road

Peace From The Road

But there is relief from the maddening confusion created at the Junction of Hattiguada road. A little to the east is a concrete road which leads to the top which only a few are aware of and what a relief one gets with the spectaculars view of greenery to the north with houses in the background slowly but surely turning this part of the Kathmandu valley into a concrete jungle. 

Cows on the roads of Kathmandu

Cows Litter The Roads of Kathmandu

In this modern era, where humans have become supposedly more civilized than their predecessors, rights have been given to animals as well. This does not seem the case with cows in Kathmandu as cows simply litter the roads of Kathmandu. 

Not to say that animals do not have their degrees of intelligence but it vastly diminishes when it comes in comparison with humans, as the class of mammals all depends on it basic need of food, shelter and protection from the elements which humans take as clothing. So naturally, cows like any animal if not given it would see the best way out that it provides for itself. 

Why do they come onto the roads when they are supposedly domesticated animals? Sadly but truly, the animal which is supposed to be the revered animal and also the national animal of the country is more in the mind than in deed. The animal has tremendous benefits to humans that it has had for centuries and that is what it could have been made the symbol of the goddess of wealth Laxmi. It gives manure to fertile the land, give a larger yield, it provides milk to make one healthier which in turn gives one the capacity to do more and become wealthier. 

Unfortunately, in the modern era, specially in kathmandu, where only the milk is valued, for it makes vast profits for the owner of the cow, the males are discarded as they is no land for which the owners have use for and the additional mouth to feed becomes a burden, as cows need a lot of food. The next best options is to get rid of the male cows for besides the food it might consume, it will also take a share of the milk. 

This is in turn is not only a violation of the animals rights for which the owner is culpable of but also a sin to the very principle of the cow being revered. 

Fortunately, the cows that are discarded find homes on the roads of Kathmandu for they have nowhere else to go. They eat the rich garbage left at the sides and relax in the center of the roads inhaling the fumes passively of the vehicles that move around them relax. They eat the garbage at the sides of the roads along with the plastic packets too. Few times, accidently in the the chaos of the traffic, they are struck by heavy vehicles leading to injuries and eventually death. At times you might the bloated carcass of the animal at the side of the road.

I believe that the constitution of the land has laws against the cruelty of animals well then it should be implemented as this is a violation of the very law enshrined in it. The law should find out whose animals are those, these people besides being fined and jailed should also have to pay for the life long upkeep of the animals in proper shelters as which is natural with the cow.   

Wake up people of Kathmandu for you have to passively pass the animal on the road while you let your fumes from your vehicles into the animals allowing you not to dessecret it rights as a revered animal but go to the law to make those people culpable as to being there in the first place.

William Pitts